Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick and Easy Okra Goulash


Okra Goulash
Source: sgbrown

Being from the south, I grew up eating okra. Okra is one of those vegetables you either like, or you don't.  It's a little different in texture than most vegetables as it tends to be a little "slimy". There are many ways to cook okra.  Cooking okra in soups, stews or in this case, goulash, dissolves the slime and thickens the consistency of what you are cooking.  The flavor of the okra adds a delicious taste to your meals. There are  many varieties of goulash but the main ingredients still remain meat, tomatoes and either potatoes or pasta. This goulash is made with macaroni, ground beef, or venison, tomatoes and okra. Okra is high in nutrients and helps to make this recipe a quick and easy meal to make for a healthy lunch or dinner.  Read more ...

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